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Dog Shows from A to Z
Judging Schedule
Entering a Show
Judging Schedule
Going To The Show-What to Bring???
Ring Proceedure
Did We Win? Understanding your Ribbons
Group Judging/ Best in Show
Championship Points-CKC
Championship Point-AKC

Judging Schedule

You have sent off your entry with the appropriate fee. Befor the actual show you will receive a JUDGING SCHEDULE in the mail with your comfirmation slip and armband number. This lists every breed that is being judged each day, how many are in each breed, the times they are being judged and in which ring.

For Example, let's say your dog is a 7 month old Golden Retriever. Goldens are in the Sporting Group or Group One. If the judging schedule was for an AKC show, you would locate the Goldens listed at the front of the paper. It would then list the total dogs entered, the ring they will be judged in and the time. So if it says Retrievers(Golden) 56-Ring 5-1:00pm you would look up ring 5, look for 1:00 pm and scan through the breeds untit you find the 56 Goldens entered. Once you locate the Goldens, you will find the 56 will be broken down further. Let's say 23-27-4-2. This would break down as follows: 23 non-champion males, 27 non-champion females, 4 champion males, 2 champion females.

Using the same numbers, MOST CKC schedules would work this way: as there will not be a guide at the beginning of the schedule, you have to look through the listing for that day to find Retrievers(Golden). The approx. time will be listed BEFOR the breed but it is easy to calculate the time you are on. In Canada, judges work on a 20-22 dogs per hour. Simply add the TOTAL number of dogs between your breed and the first breed to be judged at the designated time and divide by 22. The breakdown would be listed the same.