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Championship Points-CKC
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Championship Points-CKC
Championship Point-AKC

The point system in Canada is one of the easiest to understand. Unlike the AKC, because of the vastness of the country the point system in Ontario is the same as B.C. and Quebec and all other provinces and territories.
The first point system starts at WINNERS . These points are based on the TOTAL number of dogs competing at the WINNERS level meaning all non-champion dogs defeated in each breed. The point system is as follows:
Dogs Competing       1          2        3-5      6-9      10-12     13 or More
       Points                  0          1          2         3            4              5
Note the Dogs Competing INCLUDES the dog awarded WINNERS.
To determine the total points available, you simply add up ALL dogs in competition. This includes ALL dogs in ALL classes -Puppy, Bred By, Canadian Bred, Open. Subtract any absent dogs. Let's say the entry is as follows:
remembering the breakdown, there are 3 class males, 7 class females, 2 Special Males and 1 Specials Females.
IF all entered dogs are in attendance, Winners Male would win 2 points(3-5 dogs=2 points), Winners female would win 3 points(6-9 dogs =3 points). One of these two will be awarded BEST of WINNERS. Using the point system, you add up BOTH sets of winners(3+7=10). Let's say the Winners Male goes Best of Winners. He earned 2 points at winners but because he also defeated the 7 females he defeated a TOTAL of 10 dogs therefor gets 4 points. NOTE that he DOES NOT get his 2 PLUS the female 3 points! The system is the TOTAL DOGS DEFEATED!!!!!!!
Let's take our wonderdog a little farther. Not only does he go Best of Winners, he goes BEST of BREED!!! Wow! Now how many points does he have? dogs in his breed were 13. Going by the chart, any dog that defeats 13 or more gets an automatic 5 points-the MAXIMUM allowed at a show.

Championship points are also awarded at GROUP level. Just like at Breed, the points you get are determined by how many dogs you defeated.
This is the CKC table of Group points:
Number of Breeds     1st place    2nd place    3rd place  4th place
at Group level
  13 or more                   5               4               3             2
  10 to 12                       4               3               2             1
  6  to  9                         3              2                1             1
  5                                 2               1                1             1
  4                                 2               1                1             0
  3                                 2               1                0             0
  2                                 1               0                0             0
  1                                 0               0                0             0
REMEBER: A dog can not win more than 5 points at a show in one day!