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Dog Shows from A to Z
Did We Win? Understanding your Ribbons
Entering a Show
Judging Schedule
Going To The Show-What to Bring???
Ring Proceedure
Did We Win? Understanding your Ribbons
Group Judging/ Best in Show
Championship Points-CKC
Championship Point-AKC

Why did I get a red ribbon? What does that mean?

Your dog has now been examined by the judge, as has all the other dogs in your class. The judge will now place the TOP FOUR dogs as determined by his evaluation in your class. To these dogs the judge will award one of four ribbons. Both AKC and CKC use the same colour coding: First is Blue, Second in Red, Third is Yellow and Fourth is White. Only the First Place dog competes against all the other first place winners in their classes for Championship Points(For a breakdown of the point system please go to the Championship Points System).
Let's say YOUR dog won his class. He now will be judged against the first place winners of the other MALE classes(Junior Puppy, Senior Puppy, Bred By, etc) for WINNERS. In both CKC and AKC, WINNERS is where the points start. The judge compares ALL the First place dogs to see which comes closest to the written standard in his opinion. The judge then selects his WINNERS DOG and awards him with a Purple Ribbon. The judge then picks a RESERVE WINNERS or a runner up from the remaining dogs. If for some reason the WINNERS DOG was disqualified, the RESERVE WINNERS will be awarded points. For this judging, the dog that won SECOND place to the dog awarded WINNERS also competes. RESERVE WINNERS is awarded a Pink Ribbon in the CKC and a Purple and White ribbon in the AKC.
The same procedure is now repeated for the class Females.
Once WINNERS DOG and WINNERS BITCH has been selected, all the dogs in your breed entered as a Champion are called into the ring. The Judge will now repeat the same judging procedure on the Champions to evaluate them too.
Once all the Champions have been examined, the judge takes another look at WINNERS DOG and WINNERS BITCH. As the judge is selecting the BEST in the breed, they are also considered. Some judges will re-examine these dogs, others will just look at their gaits instead.
Now the choice is made!
From these dogs BEST OF BREED, or B.O.B. is selected. Whatever sex the B.O.B. is, the BEST of OPPOSITE SEX or also selected. Then the judge will select the BEST OF WINNERS from the two class dogs. Also selected will be BEST PUPPY.
Ribbon colours now differ betwen the CKC and AKC:
BEST OF BREED------------White, Red , Blue Rosette OR Ribbon
BEST OF OPPOSITE--------Green and White Ribbon
BEST OF WINNERS--------Purple and Gold ribbon
BEST PUPPY IN BREED----Light Blue ribbon
BEST OF BREED-----------Purple and Gold
BEST OF OPPOSITE-------Red and White
BEST OF WINNERS-------Blue and White
There is NO Best Puppy in Breed award so no ribbon.