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Championship Point-AKC

My dog needs a Major what?

Canadian championships are much easier to obtain than AKC ones. There are more shows, more dogs competing at AKC shows than in Canada.So the rules are very different.
First of all, you need 15 Championship points. These are awarded at WINNERS level. Of these 15 points, a minimum of 3 points MUST be awarded under two different judges.These 3-5 point wins are called MAJORS.
Secondly, the USA is divided up into 14 regions. Each region has a different point system for each breed. This was determined by the total number in each breed competing. For instance, if there were an average of 75 Irish Setters at each show in Ohio but only 25 in Alaska, then it would be unfair to say that the Alaska dogs must have an entry of 75 to have the same points. Likewise, almost every Irish Setter would be a Champion in Ohio if they had the same points system as Alaska.
For a COMPLETE listing of each region, please use the handy link below to the AKC Site Point Schedule Listing:

2002/2003 AKC Point Schedule