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Field Spaniel Website

I have tried to compile the largest up-to-date listing of Field Spaniel websites and pages from around the world.
Each is listed by country and then subdivided by state/province/region.
On each page will also be an Add Me box for sites I have missed. Simply follow the instructions. Please list in the appropriate category.
A Word Of Caution: These are simply a LISTING...AND JUST THAT! I am NOT giving my blessings to these sites.
So before you purchase your first or next Field, PLEASE research. Always ask the following:
1) Are there any health warranties on their Fields? What are they? For how long? What will th ebreeder do IF a problem occurs? Will they put their warranties in writing?
2)How long have they been breeding? How many litters a year?
3)If buying for show, how many champions have they produced? Out of how many puppies? How many shows a year do they attend? Do they travel far or just show in their backyard?

For Field Spaniels in Canada, please email myself either from the contact page or here:


WATERSHIP..Sault Ste Marie On and Michigan