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Truth is...there no longer is one!

In 1981 we had a 5 run set-up for our dogs and our clients' But things changed when Splash came to live with us. Splash was an abused dog that needed human contact so we then made a BIG decision....

We torn down the kennel!

Many would dissagree with the decision but it worked! All our dogs live in our house including our clients' dogs.

IF a dog shows aggression it is first crated and allowed supervised exploration of the house. If there is no improvement in temperment the dog is then placed in the temporary outdoor enclosure in daytime hours only.

ALL client dogs have 2-4 hours playtime with both my Fields and other client dogs. And again if there is aggression towards the Fields then our dogs are crated...NOT THE CLIENT DOGS!!!!!!

The yard is re-enforced with escape proof fencing. There is no possible way to tunnel out either!

My home is designed first and formost for the comfort of my dogs. Under NO circumstance are any of my dogs confined to accomodate anybody that does not like dogs. PERIOD!!!!!