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Our Services/Fees
WATERSHIP Professional Handling

We offer All Breed Professional handling, Show grooming, Handling lessons, Conditioning and All Breed evaluation.

Fees listed below are the AVERAGE fees...we will NEVER charge more than these prices. HOWEVER as our goal is to COVER EXPENSES for the shows these rates MAY go down depending on the number of clients. Please see Explaination of Fees for more details.


  •  Starting March 1 2003, ALL wins resulting in 2 or more points(in Canada), all majors (In USA), BB, BOS, Group Placings, BIS, BPIS or BISS will automatically be documented with pictures. If you wish to NOT have a picture taken at breed level or lower, you MUST inform us before the show. ALL owners ARE responsible for the payment of all pictures. We STRONGLY suggest either a credit card be on file or an extra $100.00 in your monthly budget. Otherwise you WILL be billed 
  •  Starting in 2004, we WILL be charging a bonus for Group placings and BIS/BPIS/BISS.

                HANDLING FEES: 

    Rates-All Breeds: 

    $75.00-Ringside Handling Fee


    $50.00/dog/day -multiple dogs, same owner 

    $140.00/dog/day- National Specialty 

   Weekend Specials: *

   $160.00/3 shows/3 days/weekend/per dog
   $135.00/3 shows/3 days/weekend/2 or more dogs
   $200.00/5 shows/3 days per dog
   $225.00/6 shows/3 days per dog

   US shows  in US funds

*To qualify for weekend rates, we MUST be listed as agent in official catalogue. If not then regular daily rates apply.


Group 1                             $75.00

Group 2                             $60.00

Group 3                             $50.00

Group 4                             $40.00

Puppy Group                     $50.00




              MISC. FEES:


SHOW GROOMING          $25.00/hr

BOARDING                        $8.00/day**

BREEDING FEES              $40.00(at show)


**multiple rates apply


  • ALL cash awards are retained by myself
  • Payment is due upon pick-up of dog(s).
  • Bonuses are due upon return of dog(s)
  • ALL outstanding bills for regular booked shows are subjet to a 3% interest rate starting 25 days after last show
  • Payment for ALL ringside handling is due 1 hour after Best In Show of the day the dog was handled. Failure of payment results in an immediate interest of 12% for each day late.


WATERSHIP Reg...."We Finish What We Start"