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Meet Our Staff
WATERSHIP Professional Handling

Our staff is an important part of the success of our business.

Denise LeBlonc-Soderberg

Denise has been handling since 1979. She has finished over 200 dogs in Canada and USA and that number is still growing. She has owned, co-owned, bred and co-bred 27 different breeds.
When not at dog shows, Denise is a seasoned Improvisationalist and stand up comedian. Denise occasionally does some acting in commercials and film. Denise is also a published author and occasionally contributes articles to various publications.

                      LAURA FLEMING
Laura started KENDRAGON kennels in 1995 with her late mother Teresa. Teresa was a long time German Sheperd breeder and exhibitor. Laura has also finished German Shepherds and handled many other large breeds. Laura has owned 8 diferent breeds and currently breeds Shetland Sheepdogs.
Laura has numerous degrees in Business and Computers. Laura plans to open her own company to make web designs.

Apprentices Welcome

We are always looking for new apprentices willing to learn handling and grooming of showdogs. Must be willing to do alot of the dirty work(ie pooper scooper, bathing dogs) PLUS be willing and able to learn basic grooming and handling.

We are willing to train juniors as well as new adult doggy people.

We are currently not taking new people on the road. However if you wish to work with us at a show near you then please contact us.

Please send resumes.

Sault Ste Marie ON P6A 6W6