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Watership Kennels
Field Spaniels-USA


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If you are looking for a Field contact myself and if there is a litter currently in Canada I will tell you.
However, if not, you can contact any of the following USA kennels.

A WORD OF CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!! The following is a list...and just that! I am not giving my blessing to these sites. This is just all the available websites for Field breeders in the USA.

So befor you purchase your first or next Field, PLEASE research! Always ask the following:
1) Are there any health warranties on the Field? What are they? For how long? What will the breeder do IF a problem occurs? WIll they put their warranties in writing?

2) How long have they been breeding? How many litters a year?

3) If buying for show how many champions have they produced? And out of how many puppies? How many shows do they attend? Do they travel or just show in their own back yard?

Remember a dog is for a lifetime!

Field Spaniel Society of America

International Friends of the Field Spaniel

Maple Sugar (WI)

Calico (WI)


Chesaroo (NY)

Wood Duck (ME)

Ainsley (IN)



Sandhill Farm (

Gooseberry (S.C.)

Orr (CA)


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