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On July 20 2002, Teresa Fleming, mother of Laura and co-founder of KenDragon Kennels passed away after a long battle with cancer. She was 68.
Teresa started in dogs back in the 1950s and bred German Shepherds. In the 1970's she bred rough and smooth Collies. Shetland Sheepdogs came into their life in the 1990's and the KenDragon name was founded.
I had known Teresa as long as I have known Laura. Teresa was a very opinionated lady that never bowed to pressure or strayed from her beliefs. She guided Laura at the beginning and in the last few years sat back as Laura took the kennel in a new direction.
She was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. After treatment it was felt the cancer was in remission.  But last summer the cancer returned. The beginning of July 2002 Teresa was admitted to hospital because of dizzy spells. The doctors at that time said she had 8 months to live. On July 19th this was updated to 4 weeks. She passed away the next morning.

Friends and fellow dog people can offer their condolences to Laura and her father Howard via snailmail at
Box 123
Desbarats Ontario Canada P0R 1E0

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