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Welcome to WATERSHIP ....Canada's Premier Field Spaniel Kennel!

Mylie, Splash and Paul at play

Tuvok Takes The Group under P Wolfish
First day as a special-first time I handled him

WATERSHIP was founded in 1978 as a Miniature Schnauzer and German Shorthair Pointer kennel. In 1979 I started handling as a hobby. In 1980 I bought my first Field Spaniel and never looked back!

In 1982, I started handling as a Professional, working with over 145 breeds to date. I now handle selective breeds at selective shows across Canada and occasionally in the USA.

Home of "Bob"...Am CH Maplesugars Emperor Watership

Visit Bob's Page

Bob will be in Canadian showrings this fall. 

NEW.....Health Updates including knee injections

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