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Most people think that the CKC can help them in most issues regarding purebred dogs. Truth is, they are limited to what they WILL do for you. They are mainly a registry body and MOST legal issues will require a lawyer.
While the majority of breeders are honest, there are some that know of loopholes and use them to their advantage:
  1. When buying a dog, it MUST be tattoed/microchipped BEFORE it leaves the breeders premises. DO NOT accept a dog/puppy that is not! The CKC will NOT enforce anything without a dog properly identified.
  2. ALL papers for ANY dog/puppy sold MUST be provided within 6 months of sale/receipt of dog. DO NOT accept the excuse of "the CKC is behind"..rarely is the CKC to blame..generally the seller has not bothered to submit the papers. And do not accept that the dog is "just a pet" so papers are not required..IT IS THE LAW!
  3. When buying from a Canadian breeder, ALL transactions MUST take place in Canadian soil. If the dog is "delivered" to the seller via breeder driving the dog across the border, the CKC will consider this a transaction on foreign soil and out of their jurisdiction...meaning they CANNOT take ANY action against the breeder!!! Any dogs/pups flown into another country from Canada IS considered as a Canadian transaction.
  4. When sending a dog to Canada to be handled/bred/leased, etc., you MUST have a contract signed BEFORE the dog arrives. Without a contract. the person that you sent the dog to can easily keep the dog for their own. And while the said dog may still be in your name, it is very possible the person can breed that dog and falsify the papers! *
  5. When buying from a foreign country ( USA falls into this category) make sure you are buying from a REPUTABLE breeder. Cute pics are just that. Latest scam coming from some areas of USA, Cameroon and Kenya are claims of show pups for sale. You send the money including shipping costs but no puppy/dog ever arrives. 

*I was made aware of a case where a dog was bred against the owners' wishes and was refused to be returned. In order for the dog to be returned, the people must hire a Canadian lawyer to approach the RCMP to take leagl action. This person is looking at a MINIMUM of $10,000 in legal fees to retrieve their dog!

Again, I CANNOT stress the importance of covering ALL basis before you hand a dog over to someone! Quite often, references are not enough...after all ANYONE can find someone to say how wonderful they are! Check with the NATIONAL club to make sure they are a member in good standing...especially when dealing with a breeder. Don't accept excuses why they are NOT a member..odds are they have either been turned down or removed from the club.

For further info, please contact the Canadain Kennel Club or the RCMP.

This page is provided as a guideline only.  Always obtain correct legal advise before persuing any action.