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"WATERSHIP" is located in Sault Ste Marie Ontario. The "Soo" is located in almost the middle of Canada between both coasts. We are also a border town with our sister city, Sault Ste Marie Michigan, being only 10 minutes away. Our location makes the Soo an ideal place for travelling. Interstate 75 starts at Soo Michigan and ends in Florida state. Wisconcin is only 4 hours away. Ohio and Illinois are about 6-8 hours. Southern Ontario is also 8 hours as is Thunder Bay.
Our family has always had "pets" around. We bred cats for more than 20 years, and have owned birds, hamsters, gerbils and even turtles. 
I currently have only Bob (see Bob's page under Field Spaniels).
When not at dog functions, I work full time. For recreation, i fish and travel. I also keep myself active with my artwork (woodwork, watercolour and pen/ink), and my stand up comedy. I no longer participate in Improv due to health issues but DO teach it in the summer and fall.

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