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Customer Accolades
WATERSHIP Professional Handling

You can't please them all.....

Not everyone is a fan. We have had numerous clients over the years. Some are friends, others are, well, past friends.
We can count on ONE HAND the number of unsatisfied clients. Occasionally one of the "unhappy" clients will spread half truths and tell stories.
 But there is usually two sides to every story.
Some clients can't see the faults in their dogs. Some also can't understand that judges DO NOT like certian types. And then there are those that either can't condition their dogs OR present a dog to us that is in poor shape.
For example, one client we have TRIED to work with over the years constantly handed over dogs that should never have been in the ring! This includes poor coat, overweight and a couple that should have been in pet homes. Each time I have TRIED to do the best job with what I had. And each time results were not favorable. We tried handling 5 dogs over a period of 5 years. These dogs were handled one day only except for ONE Specials bitch that was handled twice in 4 days. Finally in 2001, we cut ties with this client. This client still refers to us on their website even though we do NOT include them here for obvious reasons.

But those that ARE happy.....

But then again there has to be SOMEONE not happy.

By far, we have attained results with dogs that are in condition both mentally and physically. And if the dogs are not ready, we will tell you. If you still insist on the dog being handled (as the client mentioned above did) we will try to prove our handling the dog and NOT getting the results we should have!

References ALWAYS available from NUMEROUS clients!!!!!




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