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Sample:Handling Agreement
WATERSHIP Professional Handling

For the purposes of this agreement, "we" or "I" or "myself" will refer to BOTH Laura Fleming and Denise LeBlonc-Soderberg, and"Client" will refer to the owner of dog(s).
BOARDING FEES: There will be a standard fee of $_____ per dog per 24 hour period that begins 1 hour after the dog(s) arrive on the premises. This fee includes all regular care needed for the dog(s) including exercise, grooming, conditioning and standard food. Specialty diets and suppliments are extra and will be no more than the actual cost of the items.
HANDLING RATES: The Client agrees to a handling rate of no more than the fees listed below. This fee is to be paid 1) upon return of the dog(s) to the client IF the client has been with us for more than 3 months or 2) Half at pick-up of the dog(s) and remainder upon delivery of dog(s) for Clients under 3 months service. The exception is RINGSIDE HANDLING which is due within 1 hour after Best in Show. BONUSES are due within 36 hours of return of dog(s). ALL outstanding bills are subject to a 3% interest rate starting 25 days after last show.
SPECIAL RATES are offered for dogs entered a complete weekend. These rates ONLY APPLY to those dogs published in the official catalogue listing us as agents.
EXHIBITING: Enties to shows CAN be made by either ourselves or the client. HOWEVER any dog(s) entered without our prior agreement CAN BE subect to regular fees and WILL NOT be treated as a priority client. Any dog(s) that are withdrawn by the client without our knowledge or mutual consent will be charged full handling fees. HOWEVER we WILL NOT charge handling fees for dogs that cannot be shown for the following reasons: sudden illness of dog(s), failure to arrive due to accident or death, accident/failure to arrive at show on our part,  All dogs will be exhibited by us in a PROFESSIONAL mannor. At no time will we purposely handle a dog to lose. In the case of a conflict, a QUALIFIED handler will substitue, or if the client is able to show their own dog they will be asked to do so. In such a case there will be NO handling fee charged. ALL cash awards are retained by us. ALL trophies will be given to the client unless otherwise noted.
MISC.: ALL dogs MUST be up to date on all vaccines prior to the first show. A copy of rabies certificate is required to be kept on file with us. In the case of medical attention the client will be notified befor treatment. Routine medical needs such as worming and vaccines will not require notification.
Notification of all wins will be made via email or telephone call usually the same day the win happens. Unless prior agreement, we will NOT contact the client in the case of not winning or later than 10pm showtime. In the case of telephone calls, we prefer to use collect, toll free numbers or call-me cards. If we contact the client using our own calling card the cost of the call WILL be billed to the client.
All ribbons, prizes and a copy of the marked catalogue will be presented to the client upon return of dog(s).
All wins will be documented by photographs which are extra to the handling fees. A copy of the photo will be given to us and the owner of the dog agrees to allow us to use said photo for advertising our services.
We do not charge an extra fee for grooming unless said dog(s) arrives in beyond showable condition ie. matted, terriers needing stripping, no visible pattern on poodles etc.
Airport pick up or drop off is a flat fee or $35.00 to Sault Ste Marie Airport or $50.00 to Kinross Airport. This is to be paid in advance.
We will act as agents for you and your kennel at any show we exhibit your dogs at NO CHARGE. This includes handing out business cards and promoting present and future litters to interested buyers.

I have read the attached HANDLING AGREEMENT and do agree with all terms as expressed therein.
I am the owner/co-owner of the dog known as:
Registered Name____________________________Call name__________
Date of Birth____________CKC#_____________AKC#_____________
Handling Fee_________________________________________________
I accept all the terms in this agreement and full responsibility for all expenses and fees incured as a result of the exhibiting of my dog as stated in this agreement.