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Dog Shows from A to Z
Going To The Show-What to Bring???
Entering a Show
Judging Schedule
Going To The Show-What to Bring???
Ring Proceedure
Did We Win? Understanding your Ribbons
Group Judging/ Best in Show
Championship Points-CKC
Championship Point-AKC

Tomorrow is the BIG day! You can't wait! Now, what do you need to make your first visit to a Dog Show complete?????

Your dog has to look his best. Yes, you will give him a bath but what about brushing him? What if you find uneven hairs on his feet?
Almost every breed needs touch ups at the show site. For this you need to bring with you the following: brush(slicker, pin, etc) comb, hair spray(Poodles, etc), water bottle, chalk, hair dryer/blower, hair clippers/razor, nail clippers/grinder...the list goes on. For all of these items you should invest in a TACK BOX. This is like a tool box but roomier for those tall bottles of spray and water. Plus cool compartments to put scissors and thinning shears in. This will  help keep you organized.
Don't forget his show lead and collar!!!!!
Do you used a GROOMING TABLE at home? Then you need it at the show too. Especially if you have trained your showdog to be groomed on one. And don't forget your GROOMING ARM to keep your dog still as you do touch-ups.
And if you will need clippers or grinders or a hair dryer/blower you will need an EXTENSION CORD to plug those items into.

The key to showing your dog and enjoying the show is being comfortable. Judges expect anyone entering the ring to be dressed neat and professional. Jeans and tee shirts are fine to watch the show in but not to show a dog in.
A suit is the prefered outfit. In summer it is acceptable to NOT wear the jacket. A nice shirt and tie is also good. Dress pants are a must.
Dresses are good. Dress pants and a nice top are also professional. Avoid tight anything!!!! High heels are also awkward to move a dog around the ring in. Dress shoes and clean runners are best.

Plan to take a chair with you. Not all show sites provide something to sit on. If you want a CATALOGUE or hope to pick up something from the VENDORS then make sure you have enough money. And speaking of money..expect to pay a good price for food at a show. Most shows are held in arenas that have their own food vendors. Better yet, bring a small cooler with food and drink. Don't forget a water container for your dog.
And last but not least.....
Bring a CRATE for your dog! He needs a place to rest in before and after the judging.