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Dog Shows from A to Z
Entering a Show
Entering a Show
Judging Schedule
Going To The Show-What to Bring???
Ring Proceedure
Did We Win? Understanding your Ribbons
Group Judging/ Best in Show
Championship Points-CKC
Championship Point-AKC

So you now own a dog Registered with the CKC, AKC, UKC or any number of registry bodies out there. Your baby is approaching six months old and you feel he is ready for his first show. You have also decided to enter him in your local show.. a wise choice! As many puppies are not exposed to the hustle and bustle and noise of a show, this way he can retreat to his home and relax each night.
First you need to attain a copy of the Premium List(or "PL") for the show. PL's list EVERYTHING you need to enter plus information on judges, location, etc. There are many ways to obtain a can contact the local kennel club that is putting on the show, you can contact the CKC/AKC/UKC or whichever registry is in charge of dog shows in your area, or you can go to the Show Superintendent. A "Super" is usually the "company" in charge of organizing a show...they supply the ribbons, catalogue and many other items the local club usually does not have the time to get.
Once you have a PL there is an entry form locate inside. On this form you will fill in your dog's registered name, age, breeder, sire, dam, country of birth, owner, and of course his registered number. In the USA you CAN use a litter number if you do not have his individual reg. number yet but the AKC is so quick odds are you do have it. In Canada however, it takes alot longer to register so you can enter your dog as Listed...that means in process. You DO have to pay a Listing Fee for EVERY DAY he is entered.

Once you fill in your dogs' info, you have to choose a Class to enter him in.  I will separate the AKC and CKC classes.
The AKC offer the following:
  1. Puppy classes-These are SOMETIMES divided at shows. In general, puppy classes are for ANY puppy over the age of 6 months but under the age of 12 months. When divided, they are usually into a 6-9 month class and 9-12 month class. Note that ANY puppy that is a Champion MUST compete in Best of Breed class.
  2. Twelve to Eighteen classes-as you can guess, this is for puppies between the ages of twelve months and eighteen months. Again any puppy that is a champion MUST compete for Best of Breed.
  3. Novice-This is for ANY dog over the age of six months that has NOT won first place in three Novice classes prior to this show,  a first place in Bred-By-Exhibitor class, American-Bred or Open class,  nor ANY Championship points befor the closing date of the show.
  4. Bred-By-Exhibitor: this is for any dog over six months that is owned and handled by the breeder or co-breeder.
  5. American Bred: Again for any dog over six months that was whelped in the USA.
  6. Open: for ANY dog over six months of age.

 There is also Best of Breed for any dog that is a champion.


In CKC, the breakdown is as follows:

  1. Junior Puppy-Any puppy over six months but under nine months that is not a champion
  2. Senior Puppy-any puppy over nine months but under twelve months that is not a champion
  3. Canadian Bred:Any dog over the age of six months that was born in Canada and NOT a Champion
  4. Bred-By-Exhibitor: and dog over six months of age that is owned, co-owned and handled by breeder and NOT a Champion
  5. Open:Any dog over six months of age that is not a Champion.
  6. Specials: Any dog over the age of six months that is a Champion on record in the CKC OR has a total of ten points but not awarded a Championship yet

Now the CKC requires that ANY puppy in ANY class other than a puppy class is to be indicated as such in the Judges book.